Laser Protection Adviser Services

Laser Protection Adviser Josette providing laser safety training on a CO2 laser in a Hospital OperatingTheatre
Aesthetic doctor performing facial laser treatment client is wearing metal laser protective block out goggles
Physiotherapist performing laser therapy on patient's knee

We understand that providing a safe work environment for you, your clients, and your staff is a priority. Developing the knowledge and skills required to competently carry out risk assessments for your lasers, IPLs or LEDs, and ensure that your safe systems of work are up to date with current legislation, standards and best practice guidelines takes time and resources that you may not have. If you are regulated you may be required to have the services of a registered Laser Protection Adviser. Whether you are regulated or not, you are required to have your risk assessments completed by a competent person, and to provide a safe environment which includes safe systems of work and safety training. Give yourself piece of mind knowing that your business is compliant, contact us to book a free consultation.

Ophthalmologist performing laser corrective eye surgery

We provide you with expert laser safety services and advice, provided by registered Laser Protection Advisers, to ensure that your business, whether it is a public or private hospital, or an aesthetic, dental, veterinary, physiotherapy, chiropractor, or podiatry clinic, is compliant with the relevant and latest Health and Safety legislation, standards, and best practice guidelines. The services we can provide you include laser safety training that follows the Core of Knowledge and Laser Safety Awareness syllabuses, approved by the British Medical Laser Association. The services and training provided to you are tailored to match your needs and requirements, the laser/IPL/LED devices you use, and how and where you use them. If you are unsure of your requirements please contact us to book a consultation and we will be happy to discuss them with you free of charge.

What we can do for you

One –  your laser, IPL, LED risk assessment carried out by a competent person.
Two – develop with you your safe systems of work that fit your practice. 
Three – provide you and your staff with laser, IPL, LED safety training.
These are the essential three elements of a safe environment, what we like to call the Triad of Safety, and are a requirement of the Health and Safety Legislation.

We can provide you with tailored laser, IPL, LED safety training which includes the outcome of the risk assessment, a requirement of the Health and Safety Legislation, and an explanation of your documented safety controls, which ensures compliance and that the controls are fit.

We provide cost effective annual Laser Protection Adviser services so that you have the reassurance of being able to ask for expert help and advice when you need it.

New laser, IPL or LED service? We can advise you on the laser, IPL, LED safety aspects of setting up your new service. This includes a site assessment of your proposed treatment room, and advice on the controls that need to be put in place, such as access control and warning signage, to ensure this Controlled Area is appropriate for your laser, IPL, LED device and how you will be using it. We will ensure that the Triad of Safety is in place ensuring you are compliant with the Health and Safety Legislation before you start your service.

Established laser, IPL, LED service? We can audit your laser/IPL Controlled Areas and safety processes, and give you practical advice and recommendations.

Documented risk assessments and safe systems of work are a requirement of the Health and Safety Legislation (Artificial Optical Radiation Directive, SI 176 2010).

The risk assessment is an in depth evaluation into each scenario in which your laser, IPL, LED is used, which could result in an incident or injury. Your risk assessment will identify the hazard controls you need for a safe and compliant service. If you are in the process of purchasing or have purchased a new laser, IPL, LED, you have to carry out a risk assessment before it goes into service to be complaint with the legislation, and it will ensure that you have the right hazard controls in place. If your laser, IPL, LED is already in service we will document and review your current hazard controls in the risk assessment, and advise on where improvements can be made .
As ultimate responsibility for the risk assessment and the safe systems of work identified remains with you, this process includes a comprehensive review with you to ensure that the hazard controls are appropriate for your service and can be implemented.  The hazard controls and safe systems of work identified in the risk assessment are documented in your laser, IPL, LED Safety Policy or ‘Local Rules’. Documented safe systems of work ensures that they are consistently implemented, and increases compliance, ensuring that everyone in the Controlled Area is safe.

Laser IPL LED risk assessment report compliant with Artificial Optical Radiation Directive
Laser IPL LED documented safe systems of work safety policy local rules

Laser safety training for your professional needs

Appropriate laser safety training is a requirement of the European Artificial Optical Radiation Directive, for those working with devices which emit artificial sources of radiation that are potentially hazardous. This includes personnel who work in an environment where lasers, IPLs, and LEDs are in use, as well as the operator. Our training courses are tailored to each profession, the laser, IPL, LED you use, as well as the environment and how you use them. We provide both Core of Knowledge laser safety training for the operator, and Safety Awareness training for those working in the Controlled Area. These can be provided onsite or online, and we currently provide monthly BMLA approved Core of Knowledge laser safety training for Physiotherapist, Chiropractors, and Veterinarians using Laser Therapy lasers, and an Aesthetic Core of Knowledge laser and IPL safety training course.