Do I need laser safety training?

Josette conducting laser safety training on a CO2 laser

Yes you will need at least some instruction, unless you are using a laser which is a Class 1 laser, which are the only lasers which can be described as eye safe. The level of instruction required will again depend on the classification of your laser, varying from instructions of use included with Class 1M, Class 2, Class 2M, and Class 3R lasers. To comprehensive training including completion of a laser safety course for Class 3B and Class 4 lasers.


Laser safety training will provide you with an understanding of the basic principles of laser safety, and complement your laser specific and therapy specific training. If you are using a Class 3B or Class 4 therapeutic laser as part of your healthcare or aesthetic service you should complete a laser safety training course that follows the ‘Core of Knowledge’ curriculum. The ‘Core of Knowledge’ laser safety training curriculum represents a body of knowledge that underpins the safe use of lasers in clinical practice.

Where can I find laser safety training?

We run monthly Core of Knowledge laser safety training for physiotherapist, chiropractors, veterinarians, podiatrists using Laser Therapy lasers, as well as an aesthetic ‘Core of Knowledge’ laser/IPL safety training. You can find details of upcoming courses on our Laser Therapy & Aesthetic laser/IPL Training page.

About your trainer

Dr Josette Galligan, PhD, CEng, is a registered Laser Protection Adviser with RPA2000 (UK) with more than twenty years’ experience as a Laser Protection Adviser, including as the appointed Laser Protection Adviser for a number of large academic teaching hospitals. She developed the first online laser safety eCourse in Ireland hosted on HSELand which was widely used Nationally, contributed to the Core of Knowledge and laser safety Awareness training curriculums, and has run specialised Laser Safety Authorised User Courses.

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