Laser Safety Training for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Veterinarians & Podiatrists

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Next Laser Therapy course is on Monday the 25th of September at 10 am.

Appropriate laser safety training for those using lasers is a requirement of the Health and Safety Legislation SI176 (2010), and this course will provide that essential training for Healthcare and Veterinary Professionals using Laser Therapy (Class 3B and Class 4) lasers as part of their practice. 

This laser safety training course is for physiotherapists, chiropractors, veterinarians, and podiatrists using laser therapy as part of their services. The course is held live and online via Zoom. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance detailing the syllabus and length of the course, 3 hrs. (there will be a comfort break!), which is generally equivalent to 3 CPD points, as well as course notes, after the completion of a short post course feedback questionnaire. A recording of the course will be available to participants after the course for one month.

This course follows the Core of Knowledge curriculum recommended for clinical laser users, and specifically covers Laser Therapy lasers and the risks associated with these lasers, and has been approved by the British Medical Laser Association. The course content is broken into three sections:

  • Basic principles of laser generation and review of Laser Therapy laser technology.
  • Dangers of accidental exposure from Laser Therapy lasers.
  • Health and safety legislation requirements for lasers, and guidance on conducting your risk assessment, and documenting your laser safety processes into your laser safety ‘Local Rules’ both of which are a requirement of the legislation.

If you would like to attend this course, please contact us at We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please note that this training does not cover how individual lasers should be used or therapeutic techniques and protocols. For this type of training you should refer to your laser supplier.

British Medical Laser Association Logo which shows that this course has been approved by the BMLA

About your trainer

Dr Josette Galligan, PhD, CEng, is a registered Laser Protection Adviser with RPA2000 (UK) and has twenty years’ experience as the appointed Laser Protection Adviser for a number of large academic teaching Hospitals. She developed the first online laser safety eCourse in Ireland hosted on HSELand which was widely used Nationally, and has run specialised Laser Safety Authorised User Courses, following the Core of Knowledge curriculum, which she contributed to.

Dr Josette Galligan registered Laser Protection Adviser with RPA2000