Laser Safety Training Tailored to Your Professional needs.

Artificial sources of optical radiation, such as lasers and intense pulsed light sources (IPLs), have the potential to cause harm if not used safely. If you or your employees are present during laser or IPL use, you must have a basic understanding of the hazards you may face and how they can be controlled. This is a requirement of the Health and Safety Legislation S.I. 176 (2010). In addition it is recommended that those operating clinical lasers undergo ‘Core of Knowledge‘ laser safety training, recommended by the British Medical Laser Association. The Core of Knowledge syllabus is widely followed Internationally and represents the body of knowledge that underpins the safe use of lasers in clinical and aesthetic practice. We have designed laser safety training courses that will provide you with an understanding of the key principles of laser safety.

This course is for healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, veterinarians and podiatrists who use Class 3B and Class 4 Laser Therapy lasers as part of their practice. This course has been approved by the British Medical Laser Association. The courses are held live and online via Zoom, and you can find more details and  the next training dates on the Laser Therapy Laser Safety Training page. To book your place please contact us. 

Following the Core of knowledge syllabus recommended by the British Laser Association and widely accepted Internationally. This course is for healthcare and aesthetic professionals who use lasers and Intense Pulsed Light sources (IPLs). These courses are held live and online via Zoom. You can find more details and the next training dates on the Aesthetic/IPL Laser Safety Training page. To book your place please contact us.

Laser safety training for staff who don’t operate lasers or IPLs but who may be in the Controlled Area assisting in the procedure or treatment. These courses can be tailored to your site, laser and the procedures you carry out, and can be carried out on site. To book a free consultation to discuss your training needs please contact us.