Helping you work safely with lasers

Hi, I’m Josette the founder of Laser Protection Adviser Ltd, a registered Laser Protection Adviser and Chartered Engineer with over twenty years’ experience as the appointed Laser Protection Adviser for a number of large Academic Teaching Hospitals. Having seen first-hand the benefits lasers have made in patient’s lives I am passionate about contributing to their safe use. 

Why you chose Laser Protection Adviser Ltd.

  • Registered Laser Protection Adviser and Chartered Engineer.

  • Over twenty years of experience of supporting the safe and effective use of lasers and non-coherent sources of light as the named Laser Protection Adviser for a number of large Academic Teaching Hospitals, including the two National Laser Centres for adults and paediatrics.

  • Experience of all types of clinical and aesthetic lasers and non-coherent sources of light such as IPLs.

  • All training courses follow the curriculums approved by the British Medical Laser Association. 

  • We have the expertise and experience of carrying laser risk assessments and developing hazard controls for a wide variety of lasers and IPLs used in a range of environments. Contributing to the MHRA’s 2015 Guidelines on laser, IPL, and LED safety.

Expertise in laser safety training

When I saw how difficult it was for staff to get to training courses, and having to give up their Saturdays, I developed the first online laser safety eCourse in Ireland (hosted on HSELand), which was widely used Nationally. Since then I have run specialised Laser Safety Authorised User Courses, and developed live online  courses tailored to your profession with content focused on the types of lasers you use, how you use them, and the environments in which you use them. All our courses follow industry wide accepted curriculums; the Core of Knowledge Laser Safety curriculum for lasers users, and Laser/IPL Safety Awareness curriculum for those assisting but not carrying out the treatment. Both curriculums I contributed to whilst serving on a special interest group with the Institute of Engineers and Physicists in Medicine in the UK.

Irish based, in County Wicklow, Laser Protection Adviser and Chartered Engineer providing expert safety advice and guidance, Nationally and Internationally, in the field of lasers and non-coherent light sources such as Intense Pulse Light (IPL) sources, or sometimes referred to as Intense Light Sources (ILS).