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Registered and experienced Laser Protection Adviser & Chartered Engineer

Dr Josette Galligan is passionate about laser safety and ensuring that the safety controls we recommend are appropriate and their importance understood.

With the right safe systems of work and safety training, your optical therapy services can be safe and compliant. We work with public and private hospitals, including those accredited with the Joint Commission International (JCI), and with healthcare and aesthetic clinics, including those regulated by the RQIA, CQC, HIS and HIW. We also work with trade shows that have live demonstrations.

Dr. Josette Galligan

Dr Josette Galligan is a registered Laser Protection Adviser and Chartered Engineer, with 25 years’ experience working in the public and private healthcare and aesthetic sectors, and twenty years as the named Laser Protection Adviser for several large teaching hospitals. Having seen first-hand the benefits of light-based therapies, Josette is passionate about contributing to their safe use, with technical and scientific support.

Why you choose Laser Protection Adviser Ltd

Registered Engineer

Registered Laser Protection Adviser and Chartered Engineer.


Over twenty five years of experience of supporting the safe and effective use of lasers and non-coherent light sources .

All Types of lasers

Experience of all types of clinical and aesthetic lasers and non-coherent light sources such as Intense Pulse Lightsources.


Laser safety courses follow the curriculums approved by the British Medical Laser Association.

Expertise in laser safety training

Josette developed the first online laser safety eCourse in Ireland (hosted on HSELand), which was widely used Nationally. And she has contributed to the Medical and Healthcare Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) guidelines on the safe use of Lasers, IPLs and LEDs, and the Core of Knowledge syllabus.

She continues to be invited to talk and write on laser safety topics for professional bodies, recently contributing to the Dermatology and Aesthetic Nurses Association of Ireland (DANAI) study days, AON ‘s Risk Management Forum for Non-Ionising Radiation, the Bioengineering Association of Ireland scientific journal, and Engineers Ireland’s journal.


Josette was the Chair of Engineers Ireland’s Board of Examiners, as well as serving on the Membership Qualification Board, the Council and the Executive Board. Laser Protection Adviser and Chartered Engineer providing expert safety advice and guidance, Nationally and Internationally, in the field of lasers and non-coherent light sources such as Intense Pulse Light (IPL) sources, or sometimes referred to as Intense Light Sources (ILS).