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Helping healthcare and aesthetic businesses work safely with lasers

Registered Laser Protection Advisers and Chartered Engineers with expertise and experience of all types of clinical and aesthetic lasers, as well as non-laser light sources such as IPLs.


Helping you work safely with lasers with expert safety advice, services and safety courses

Laser Protection Adviser Services

Ensure that your patients and clients get the optimal results while limiting risk.

Laser Safety Courses

Laser safety training tailored to your professional needs.

Laser Safety Consultancy

Ensure that your business is compliant with the Health and Safety Legislation.

Why choose Laser Protection Adviser Ltd.

We have 25 years’ experience supporting the public and private healthcare, and aesthetic sectors, with the safe and effective use of lasers and non-laser light sources. We are experienced in assessing and developing hazards controls for a wide variety of lasers and non-coherent sources of light, such as Intense Pulse Light Sources (IPL) and UV light sources.

Our clients & partners


Laser Therapy Safety Courses

Laser safety course for Healthcare and Veterinary Professionals using Laser Therapy (Class 3B and Class 4) lasers as part of their practice. Approved by the British Medical Laser Association, and specifically covering Laser Therapy lasers and the risks associated with these lasers. Ensuring full competency and compliance with legislation (Artificial Optical Radiation Directive).


Aesthetic Laser/IPL Safety Courses

Following the Core of Knowledge syllabus recommended for clinical laser and IPL users, and specifically covering aesthetic lasers and IPLs and the risks associated with them. This course has been approved by the British Medical Laser Association.


What attendees have said about our courses

Kate RyanPhysiotherapist, Dublin Physiotherapy & Chiropractic

I found the course led by Josette very comprehensive and concise. It is a great course for laser techs, physios, chiros, clinic owners, and clinic managers. Thank you Josette!

Jenny FlanaganJenny Flanagan Laser Aesthetics Ltd.

I met Josette 3 years ago and I knew straight away that I could trust her. She is dedicated and passionate about her role as an LPA. It is great having a local LPA who truly cares and who will help your clinic function safely, while ensuring your RQIA inspections run smoothly. I feel Josette goes the extra mile to ensure you understand all the processes and offers in-service laser safety training to ensure that your Local Rules are appropriate and understood.

Louise O'SullivanAesthetic Nurse, The Skin Lab

Really enjoyed the overall course. I thought it was in a format that was organised, easy to understand, with opportunities to ask questions, and it was clear to see that the speaker was passionate about the work of lasers. I felt that the course gave us all the information needed for safe administration of treatments, for both client and practitioners.

Dr Naseema MooradThe Surgery

Very informative, well structured, and extremely well delivered.