Aesthetic nurse carrying out laser treatment on a pigmented lesion on a patient's leg

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Testimonial for Laser Therapy Laser Safety Core of Knowledge training from physiotherapist
I met Josette 3 years ago at the BMLA Conference, and then later at St James Hospital Dublin where she was the LPA. It was then I knew straight away that I could trust her, she was dedicated and passionate about her role as an LPA. Once Josette set up Laser Protection Adviser Ltd. I became one of her first clients as it is advantageous having a local LPA and one to truly cares and who will help your clinic function safely, while ensuring your RQIA inspections run smoothly. I feel Josette goes the extra mile to ensure you understand all the processes and offers in-service laser safety training to ensure that your Local Rules are appropriate and understood. Josette is a capable and thorough LPA .
Jenny Flanagan Laser Aesthetics Ltd

Jenny Flanagan

Jenny Flanagan Laser Aesthetics Ltd

Testimonial from aesthetic nurse for laser safety Core of Knowledge training